Paintings - acrylic, resin and quartz on canvas.

Confluence is the meeting of two rivers or ideas. In this series of paintings, I am exploring the integration of mark making and poured paint. The marks, as spirals and circles signify my investigations into the invisible energy in the universe. Torsion waves, scalar energy, orgone energy, chi, prana, the source field, are all names for this force that surrounds us and is within us. Sound and light frequencies emanate from the center of the galaxy relaying energy and information from the sun, stars and planets to resonate with the cells in our bodies. In turn our personal frequencies rise as our awareness of these invisible forces increases. Sensitivity to others around us, to the information we consume, to the food we eat and to how our energy is affected is vital to our expanding consciousness. 

Flow patterns of water demonstrate the idea of our present state of mind and if we are in the flow or not. How our life can be a series of synchronistic events allowing for smooth transitions in times of stress. Our ability to manage stress, creatively problem solve and return back to balance combined with increasing our imagination and awareness of cosmic energy will help the collective consciousness evolve. 

These paintings use resin as a shrinking device around quartz crystals and/or metallic gold paints. This squeezing of the crystalline structures creates a life enhancing pulsation just like quartz crystals in a watch. They help to clear the immediate area around the painting from electromagnetic radiation and restructure Wi-Fi that may be throwing our bodies out of synch. This work assists living in tune with the world and finding synchronicity and harmony in daily life. 

Paintings - ink and acrylic on loose canvas, then stretched.

With all of my Channeling Nadis series, the paintings are topographical maps of the hills and rivers around my property. The rain I noticed makes small rivers down the hillside. They are exactly like larger streams or rivers, just on a smaller scale. I am fascinated when I pour the watered down media over the canvases, that the water follows these river channels. As the canvas dries, the pattern of water changes and layers of rivers form. The fabric allows me to gain an imprint of the ground as I trace it with flowing water mixed with acrylics and inks. This fractal branching is in the human body in many ways and in our wiring of bodily energy systems. I pour a lot of water so that it picks up and carries the paint with it like sediment in a river. Most of the paint I use is a mineral color: copper, silver, Mayan gold, or turquoise. Each painting has a trail of minerals flowing off the end of it. The pathways or channels change and flow in new patterns with every adjustment. 


While making these paintings I channeled poetry and information from a very loving and comforting energy, the titles are from these written works. 

Photographs - snow, ink and glass on foam core set-ups, printed on archival 100% cotton rag.

The movement of water creates Li Patterns. I have been studying water patterns for several years and see them as metaphors for our patterns of thought. I am investigating how our thoughts create. Thought forms construct something visible into the world or are retained emotionally in our bodies. In this meditative process, I repeatedly pour water over layers of glass and stain the construction with ink to reveal the flow patterns. The resulting patterns are found in our bodies and mirror the patterns of water on the earth.

EVOLVING PATTERNS Paintings - ink, acrylic, resin on canvas.

This new series of paintings explores fluid water patterns of life. The paint records the movement as the liquid flows around the obstacles occurring in its path. As we are faced with challenges in our lives, we are called to evolve and float down the river meandering around each boulder as it comes. EVOLVING PATTERNS express the beauty and grace of change in our lives.

In these paintings I create resistances of crackling and dropped circles of acrylic paint to challenge the flow of ink and water. I pour a lot of water so that it picks up and carries the paint with it like sediment in a river. Most of the paint I use is a mineral color: copper, silver, Mayan gold, or turquoise. Each painting has a tail or trail of minerals flowing off the end of it. There are both micro details showing fractal patterning and also the overall form of the primary water drop shape, the seed of life. The patterns are like asteroids or star seeds that come down here with genetic material to create new life and replenish the minerals of the earth. The earth itself as a living organism is seeded, grows and evolves.

Evolving Patterns is the downloading of new information, the seeds of a new thought. In an unpredictable future, we look to patterns for hope, freedom and positive change. Freedom means being in the flow of life and being free from old belief systems that no longer serve us. This is a message about personal growth and not an external catastrophe. When we find ourselves at an imbalance, how do we move around those obstacles? My message for Evolving Patterns is an evolution of our emotional and spiritual intelligence, looking at the places where we are blocked, where our hearts are broken and clearing them. Star seeds allow for a dream to emerge through our own extra sensory biological communication. As our hearts open, we connect our minds and hearts to manifest a new empathic way of healing and a way to evolve out of duality. These patterns integrate our bodies, hearts and minds to become more evolved.



In the spirit of scientific experimentation, my current study is called "Breaking Patterns". Breaking my precious mouth blown vessels and sheets of glass used for framing is freeing. I look for how the shapes change as they fragment into smaller and smaller pieces Using ink and oil to make the fracture patterns more visible, like staining slides, I observe how water behaves in these challenging environments of broken glass. "Breaking Patterns", demonstrates a calm within the chaos. The series is about breaking through to new realities and transformation of thought. Intentionally presented on canvas, these large format photographs appear painterly and sculptural, and challenge traditional thinking about photography and categorization.





I took these photographs from two painting experiments I set up using acrylic mediums, ink, oil, water and broken glass. The paintings were temporary so I documented them through many phases. I created oil spills, floods, and whirlpools. This work explores water patterns as "Universal Truths" or proof of some commonality in life despite its various expressions.

In the universe water creates repeatable and recognizable patterns. At any scale, micro or macro, water behaves the same way. It demonstrates adhesion and cohesion and has an innate property of forming spheres on earth and in space. Surface tension creates a strong bond but is not permanent, just like our minds form ideas that can be changed.  Water will meander around objects in its path to continue its flow just as we will move through difficult situations to restore our well-being.

Water movements, changes and responses relate to our own patterns of behavior and life cycle. We are constantly changing every moment from birth to death. The universe is not enduring it is ever changing. Studying what happens to liquids when applied to a surface with different viscosities and textures allows me to prove its universality. I interpret this as proof of life. Life is not stagnant but fluid just as our internal emotions and consciousnesses are transient. 




My MFA thesis, "Chaos Patterns" makes the analogy of patterns of water to patterns of thought–like the vortex as an addictive obsession spiraling down, or the meandering river that finds a way to flow around a problem. Archetypal water forms of waves, drops and vortices are emphasized through extracting the color information and focusing on the underlying structure.



The "Car Wash" series stemmed from a daily meditation practice of photographing the blur of the moving landscape while driving. Being in the car created a barrier or glass bubble of protection between the outside world and me. Going through the car wash emphasized this feeling of safe and unsafe. Photographing the patterns created from the soap and floppy brushes became a calming mindfulness practice for me as I was engulfed, scrubbed and spit out of this animated machine.



"Planktonic Constructs" are a study of the primitive life in water. Being adopted, I have always been curious about genetics and origins. I create photograms of glass vessels in the color darkroom. The photogram process, creating a camera-less image appeals to me in its instantaneousness. Images appear like the spontaneous generation of life. I make what I called "Photo Cells" and name them in Latin after various plankton and jellyfish. With this work I have created colorful exhibitions that appear like glossy slides of microscopic specimen.



"Hydrosis" is a kaleidoscopic video of jellyfish that acts like a moving painting. The name is a pun for hydra (jellies) and hypnosis. Also hydropathy is the treatment of illness through water therapy. Regarding our own psychology, the emphasis today is so often on diagnosis and escape through prescription drugs, food and alcohol abuse, that I cannot resist questioning what makes us sane. As an alternative to medication, I want to point in the direction of meditation. By recording hypnotic movements, the viewer can get involved in a meditative state and perhaps lose their sense of control and fear in the moment. Like the Rorschach Inkblot test, I ask the viewer, what might this be?



The "Branching" series are aerial photographs of living rivers. They show natural patterns of growth that change over time and adapt to their environment, gravity and geology. Just like the branching systems of trees, our lungs and veins, these river drainage patterns evolve to find the most efficient pattern for life. As a metaphor for our own lives, how do we adapt and change? What patterns of growth do we show in the choices we make? What happens when there is stagnation from stress? Can guarding ourselves from stress prevent illness? What is the cause of our lack of growth at times? Like the river, can we flow around a problem?